Tuesday, July 27


Office Shoes - Ankle Boots for her - Office - EUROMARKET BLACK LEATHER

want and need etc.

Lost my last red boots at Iggy Pop, that sounds far more rock n roll than it is so Ill leave it at that.

Monday, July 26

It's Alive!!

Internet issues sorted. hurrah!!

So all has been quiet on the Get your frocks off front for a while now, many reasons contributing to this which I wont bore you with the details off.

So, while Im getting my act together I'll give you a sneak peak of the video for The Revellions new single 'sigh's'........shot and edited by my very talented boyfriend who just so happens to also play key's in The Revellions. Biast? Me??

The single is being launched in Ireland at The Retro Revival Club on August 14th in Sweeney Mongrels on Dame Street Dublin.

Enjoy xx
Normal service will resume as of now, promise.