Tuesday, April 27

OMG Shoes

oooh, so someone read's my blog, nice to know - after my fairly heavy hint a few months ago about my need and want for Vivienne Westwood shoes my wonderfully marvellously brilliant (you get the picture) lunch girls in work surprised me with said shoes in the canteen thus shocking the life from me.

the joy.

the sweet sweet joy.

So I brought them home and spent many an afternoon prancing around my living room pointing at my designer clad feet to all who entered. Alas, it was not meant to be - I loved the shoes, they didnt feel the same way about me. They somehow wouldnt stay on my feet, I did toy with the idea of surgically attaching them then snapped out of it. So I had to return them.

the sadness.

the utter utter sadness.

So, Vivienne Westwood shoes I bid thee farewell. We had some good times in said living room.

And much much much love to my fab friends in work for the thought.



Please do excuse the bad quality pictures, it was a sad and dark time and I was clearly a bit traumatised n all.

I did get some other wonderful and thoughtful gifts that I certainly will also be posting about.
Im a very lucky gal.

Monday, April 26


Last of the famous people posts i promise, Ive been gorging myself with gossip mags ya see.

Came across this dress, the print reminds me of my grannys china when I was little and for that reason I love it.

So pretty.



Oi Hayek! Youre so pretty, then you go put them on your feet, stop it.

That's all.


Its hardly breaking news as she's been everywhere lately but how amazing does Kelly Osbourne look here?
Everyones putting it down to her weight loss which seems a bit funny and possibly a little shallow but I think its definitely to do with how ridiculously happy she seems with her fiance Luke who's surname currently escapes me.

Young love eh?

Whatever it is, kudos to her.

Love her dress too, how very cute. Reminds me of the t-shirt below which I do believe Urban Outfitters have been stocking for some time.

Ahh, Irish Weather Howarya?

Ah, Irish weather, quite the comedian, one minute the suns splitting the stones and everyones dashing outdoors the next the skies darken and you feel the pitter patter of an unwelcome rain shower and everyones dashing for cover.
If like me you are trying to wean yourself off the black opaques (just...not....quite......yet) and are in need of some inspiration, take a look at what everyone else is doing and how they are dressing for the seasonal shift....

First are a couple of ''celeb'' (hate that) looks, followed by a couple of inspiring looks created expertly by us everyday folks....enjoy

Loving SJP's work......dinky hat and turn ups, amazing.
A very lais back and comfortable look for Ms Richie, love the colour choices.

A very dapper Mark Ronson

Kylie bringing back the 90's button trackies and making them overly acceptable

A gorgeous hair bow to top off this look

Nicely put together girly cosy glam

A classic breton and denim cut offs

scarves, they rule.
Making me wanna try harem sweats, socks and top knots, a winner

Images from Sky.com and lookbook.nu

Wednesday, April 14

Current wish list......

Ive only recently mastered the art of applying falsh eyelashes without getting my fingers stuck together (current faves are the Girls Aloud lashes - Nadines in particular being my poison) so Im now lusting after a pair of the falsies showcased last september on models at the PPQ s/s show. They are available for us mere mortals to get our mits on by calling UK0800 123400 or enquiring at your nearest Shu Uemura counter.
........which I do believe would go marvelously with decked out talons from uber hip nails bar WAH Nails, 1st on my list for visiting next time Im in London Town are these comic strip nails.
WAH Nails flagship store - 420 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA.
Also check out the pop up store made permanent fixture - WAH Nails at Topshop, Oxford Circus Store.