Thursday, October 29

Oooooh me likey......

I adore this oriental inspired dress below from Mossy's latest Topshop collection in store from next week......

Time to get the fishnets back out me-thinks.

American Apparel in-store bash

If you are about Dublin town on this fine evening leg it promptly to American Apparel 114 - 116 Grafton Street where you will be greeted upon arrival with complimentary drinks and food and a whopper of a 15% discount on all AA purchases, yummy.

The after partytakes place in Spy on South William Street where they are hosting a costume party and karaoke from 9-3am with prizes for best dressed.

sure its a thursday, what else would ya be doing?

While you are there say hi to the lovely Zohra and Leonn AA ladies and fellow fashion bloggers, links to their sites are below......

Have fun kids x

Sunday, October 25

Gal's about Town - Miss Harlot de Ville

Having recently relocated from Dublin to London town, this burlesque beauty is now persuing her performance dream in the UKs captial with regsular performances at burlesque events and launches. Meet the lovely Ms Harlot de Ville....

Name -Ms. Harlot DeVille
Occupation - Burlesque Broad, Pin-up Peach and Personal Shopper

Describe your personal style in 4 words- Individual, Structure, Classic, Hollywood
Biggest fashion influence- Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Both my Grandmothers always dressed impeccably,despite having hugefamilies and little or no budget.Performance wise,my costumes and performances are influenced bychildhood musicals, Tim Burton, David Lynch and Jack Vettriano
Most coveted fashion item right now- A Grace Kelly-style (RearWindow-era) vintage frock which caught my eye in Brick Lane last week
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? -
Peggy Lee, Black Coffee

Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Black 'Nina' organza dress from Coast. It's beautifully cut, a classic style and I know I will wear it for years to come

Best dressed/favourite look - Classic Dior. My favourite era is1945-1955, classic tailoring, nipped in waists. Simple elegance

Worst dressed/ least favourite look - So-called leisurewear,velourtracksuits. If you're not actually in training for the Olympics or in the gym, then there is no excuse. NONE!

Favourite fashion image - Her expression is incredible,such a bold and beautiful image (image below)

I really must get rid of that - I'm so bad at getting rid of anything especially clothing. Having recently moved to London, I did have to seriously rethink what I do and don't wear but so much of my wardrobe gets recycled as costume pieces for photoshoots or acts that I find it impossible to permanently get rid of pieces. I tend to off load a lot of my clothes onto my friends in the hope that if I do need them at any point I can 'borrow' them

I really must dig out - My Hitchcock movies and my sewing kit. It's a horrid day outside and it's high time I got my Christmas cossies in order

Tuesday, October 20

My latest love......

Lately I've become increasingly beguiled with nail art - so wrong its right in my eyes. Once a big no no, now a huge yes please and thank you.

Whilst pottering around Arnotts Project in a daze a couple of weeks ago I was strangely drawn to a neatly pressed looking lady sitting waiting behind her nail art station and the array of nail art designs she was proudly displaying beside her. Admiring them from the corner of my eye whilst hiding my less than perfect nails in my pockets I supressed the desire to pounce and silently vowed to make a point of grooming my talons so she could work her magic at a later date.

Since then Ive noticed these little beauties everywhere, Revlon do some lovely press on versions as do Claires Accessories although I had to stop myself when i realised I had absentmindedly been wandering around Claire's with a set of spider web nails and full intention to buy wear where exactly Im not too sure.

My suggestion is to start off small with some DIY nail fun. Its like art class all over again.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that i am a leopard print lover to an almost alarming degree so Im off to try my hand at these bad boys.....

If animal print ain't your thing, try your hand at these lace lovelies, simply cut some thin lace material to size and fit over a wet layer of clear varnish, once this is dry apply a second coat of varnish to set them. Of course the McQueen clutch probably helps to set them off but we can all dream......

Colourful options.....

So start off small but perhaps take it easy when you get to a more proficeint level, these charming little fellows below probably wont go down too well in the 9 to 5.......

Monday, October 19

Thrifty me.....

Sigh......Whilst I lust after the above Angel Jackson studded sequin satchel and despair at how we will never be together.... Ive found a similar style that wont break the bank..........

Metallic satchel bag - Marks and Spencer €52

Thursday, October 15

Happy Birthday to Stellar

Stellar - Irelands coolest womens magazine is one, thats 1 whole year of the best fashion, interviews, gossip, news and reviews.....hurrah and heres to many more

Check out a note from Stellar on why you should get your coat immediately and run to the shops to get your copy.....

Hello all!

It's our birthday..Gonna party like it's our birthday!

Yes, it's true..STELLAR is 1! But here at STELLAR towers we are a giving lot. Even though it's our birthday we are giving away some gifts!

Pick up the mag to be in with a chance to win over €7,000 worth of prizes! Wowzer!

Here is what else to expect in our b'day issue!

*298 secret Wardrobe Weapons to update your look in an instant!

*100 celebs we are lovin' right now

*10 ways to change the world in your 20's

*Naked Guys! Irish Boys in their b'day suits (well it is our b'day!)

*How to be a billionaire Plus loads of fashion & beauty & much much more...

Don't forget to keep checking the blog
Follow us on twitter..


Well, hurry then, off you pop............

Wednesday, October 14

Gal's about Town - Jessie Ward

Name -Jessie Ward
Occupation - By day, video editor/director - by night, member of the band Talulah Does The Hula & sometimes DJ

Describe your personal style in 4 words- RocknRoll, Shape, Texture & Comfort
Biggest fashion influence- I'm obsessed with anything 60’s and French, so films like "A Woman is a Woman" or "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" or singer’s like France Gall
Most coveted fashion item right now- Minidresses or Playsuits paired with anything studded and leather - though I can't afford anything like that! The most coveted thing I own is a tiger-print Shaheen wiggle dress made from
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? - At the moment, probably Blondie Parallel Lines or the soundtrack to the film Smashing Time:

Most trusty item in your wardrobe - My white & navy striped stretchy tunic top from Topshop - nice low-cut back :)

Best dressed/favourite look - Anyone who can do a modern take on classic 60’s so probably Zoey Deschanel. During the actual 60’s Anna Karina was amazing, I reckon Zoey is trying to be a modern-day Karina
Worst dressed/ least favourite look - Pussycat Dolls
Favourite fashion image - Audrey Hepburn in ‘Funny Face’, or that amazing photo from 1962, by the South African photographer Sam Haskins of a girl named Gill - it's on the cover of ‘The Last of the Shadow Puppets’ album...

I really must get rid of that - I can't really answer that because I'm a real packrat, I always figure I'll be able to use something again - especially now that I've got a sewing machine. I'm obsessed with up-cycling everything
I really must dig out - my Mom's dresses bought in Camden market at the height of the swinging 60’s, including a crocheted mini-dress. Sound’s awful but it's really cute

Purple Reigns

purple picks from the highstreet....

Shoulder pad jumper - AWear €25

Geo mittens - Urban Outfitters €25

Lace Lantern Dress - Warehouse €60

Junk Food - 'Wizard of Oz' tee- Urban Outfitters approx €35

Dress - Once Upon A Time - Bt2 €200

short satin evening gloves with front bow - Cornelia James approx €35

Python Cinch Belt - Cornelia James £170 sterling

Purple all over sequin dress - Warehouse €115

For Websites see links to the right

Tuesday, October 13

Gal's About Town -Dandelion

Next up is one of Dublins best loved Dj's and general style icon's, the beautiful and always cool Dandelion

Name - Dandelion
Occupation - DJ & Vintage Clobber Dealer

Describe your personal style in 4 words - Sixties, New York, London, Underground
Biggest fashion influence - BIBA and all the BIBA shop girls
Most coveted fashion item right now - My 60s Cathy McGowan Boutique Shoes (She of Ready Steady Go fame)
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? - Love - 'Forever Changes'
Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Red Vinyl Coat
Best dressed/favourite look - 1966 Andre Courrege's spaceage fashions
Worst dressed/ least favourite look - 80s Goth.... 80s Clothes - THE WORST TIME IN FASHION EVER ! { BURN IT ALL}
Favourite fashion image ....See below

I really must get rid of that ……… Mary Quant coat by Alligator - that doesnt fit (its' been wasted)
I really must dig out that…………Michael Mott Paraphernalia dress

Water water everywhere......

Double Frill Walker Umbrella - Umbrellas - Accessories - Topshop

So its rainy season again, Ill be brightening up my day with this beauty from Topshop, nom.

Gal's about Town - Lydia des Dolles

After a not so brief sojourn I am back and ready to blog, raarrr.

So, With Dublin hot on the heels of London, Paris and Berlin these days in the street style stake's and the popularity of online trend blogs and snapshot fashion stories I have decided to look to a couple of ladies who's sense of style and adventure I coin a phrase, Here come the girls!!!................................

First up is the lovely Lydia des Dolles, glamourous grunge goddess and lead singer of local band to watch Sweet Jane.

Name - Lydia Des Dolles
Occupation - Lead Singer of Sweet Jane

Describe your personal style in 4 words - comfortable / dark / moody / simple
Biggest fashion influence - Stevie Nicks
Most coveted fashion item right now - Black & White Rabbit Fur Coat
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? -
Oasis ''Whats the story morning Glory''
Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Black ski pants
Best dressed/favourite look - grunge meets goth via the 90's
Worst dressed/ least favourite look - Victoria Beckham, she never looks comfortable
Favourite fashion image - the designer Hannah Marshall & all her collections, total goth queen
I really must get rid of that ……… orange velure jumpsuit
I really must dig out………… my black jean hotpants

Designs by Hannah Marshall