Monday, December 7

Gal's about Town - Carrie Ann Moran

So, I was struck down with flu and feeling a little sorry for myself lately so I have been quite slow with the ole blog posts, thank you for pointing this out Emma, so to make up for it heres another glimpse into the fashionable brains of our very own Gals about Town and the lovely Carrie Ann Moran of Rediscover Fashion is up next, a link to the site is above but find out more about this exciting new endevour by Carrie and Co. in an upcoming post........

Name - Carrie Ann Moran

Occupation - Fashion Director, Rediscover Fashion

Describe your personal style in 4 words - Playful, Retro, colourful with a modern twist

Biggest fashion influence - Has to be the 60’s fashion , style, music, art, film...everything about that era influences me !

Most coveted fashion item right now -New Irregular Choice shoes….I have a serious addiction to them, little pieces of magic!!!

If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be?
Martha reeves and the Vandellas

Most trusty item in your wardrobe -Pink Patent Bag with matching patent shoes, they go with everything!!!

Best dressed/favourite look - Modern Day Lady would be Roisin Murphy for her eccentricity.....and definitely Audrey Hepburn for a timeless classic

Worst dressed/ least favourite look -The whole 80’s revival, it wasn’t good then and certainly aint now!!!

Favourite fashion image - Warhol, Sedgewick and New York City - need I say more!

Not really high fashion but oh so ifluential

I really must get rid of that ……… nothing ….. I hoard everything!!!!

I really must dig out…………. That coat in my picture above!!!!! A Vintage Find in London …love it

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