Monday, May 17


Hello there, was browsing the internerd today and came across the print below from a post on Blanaid Hennesseys gorgeous site and was reminded about how much I used to love making screenprints in college, my final year piece involved a lot of printing based on sayings and 'old wive's tales' if you will. I loved the simplicity of the prints and the fact that each one is eeevver so slightly different after the printing process.

Wierdly I had been in touch with Lucas of and about featuring some of their lovely canvas bags here, et voila..........

First up are a couple of the prints available to buy at Keep Calm Gallery, witty, fun, affordable and inspiring art as its meant to be.......

Too many to choose from I'd love one in every room.

Next up are bags from Alphabet Bags, art you can carry......marvellous stuff.
Guaranteed to brighten up your day and possibly the days of the folk sandwiched next to you on the bus/luas.

Bags are priced at a measly £10 so you can afford to splash out.
Also coming soon are a range of A-Z purses.

Lucas at Alphabet bags also informs me that they are more then happy to ship worldwide.


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