Friday, October 8

bling bling and the next best thing

a long illness in my family that led to a berevement recently has kept me from Get your frocks off for some time now, for that I apologise but I wasnt really up for blogging...i shall slowly get back into the swing of things.

My lovely mum being the star that she is bought me a little present the other day to cheer me up. Everytime Im in BT's I go to the Alexander McQueen bag section and just hold this little lovely.....the security guys get nervous, I sigh and put the bag down.
so when she spied this little beauty in River Island she said it had my name all over it.....thanks Mum x
McQueen Skull knuckleduster clutch.........squillions of euro's
River Island knuckleduster clutch.........40 blips


Jess x

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