Tuesday, October 13

Gal's About Town -Dandelion

Next up is one of Dublins best loved Dj's and general style icon's, the beautiful and always cool Dandelion

Name - Dandelion
Occupation - DJ & Vintage Clobber Dealer

Describe your personal style in 4 words - Sixties, New York, London, Underground
Biggest fashion influence - BIBA and all the BIBA shop girls
Most coveted fashion item right now - My 60s Cathy McGowan Boutique Shoes (She of Ready Steady Go fame)
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? - Love - 'Forever Changes'
Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Red Vinyl Coat
Best dressed/favourite look - 1966 Andre Courrege's spaceage fashions
Worst dressed/ least favourite look - 80s Goth.... 80s Clothes - THE WORST TIME IN FASHION EVER ! { BURN IT ALL}
Favourite fashion image ....See below

I really must get rid of that ……… Mary Quant coat by Alligator - that doesnt fit (its' been wasted)
I really must dig out that…………Michael Mott Paraphernalia dress

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