Sunday, October 25

Gal's about Town - Miss Harlot de Ville

Having recently relocated from Dublin to London town, this burlesque beauty is now persuing her performance dream in the UKs captial with regsular performances at burlesque events and launches. Meet the lovely Ms Harlot de Ville....

Name -Ms. Harlot DeVille
Occupation - Burlesque Broad, Pin-up Peach and Personal Shopper

Describe your personal style in 4 words- Individual, Structure, Classic, Hollywood
Biggest fashion influence- Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Both my Grandmothers always dressed impeccably,despite having hugefamilies and little or no budget.Performance wise,my costumes and performances are influenced bychildhood musicals, Tim Burton, David Lynch and Jack Vettriano
Most coveted fashion item right now- A Grace Kelly-style (RearWindow-era) vintage frock which caught my eye in Brick Lane last week
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? -
Peggy Lee, Black Coffee

Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Black 'Nina' organza dress from Coast. It's beautifully cut, a classic style and I know I will wear it for years to come

Best dressed/favourite look - Classic Dior. My favourite era is1945-1955, classic tailoring, nipped in waists. Simple elegance

Worst dressed/ least favourite look - So-called leisurewear,velourtracksuits. If you're not actually in training for the Olympics or in the gym, then there is no excuse. NONE!

Favourite fashion image - Her expression is incredible,such a bold and beautiful image (image below)

I really must get rid of that - I'm so bad at getting rid of anything especially clothing. Having recently moved to London, I did have to seriously rethink what I do and don't wear but so much of my wardrobe gets recycled as costume pieces for photoshoots or acts that I find it impossible to permanently get rid of pieces. I tend to off load a lot of my clothes onto my friends in the hope that if I do need them at any point I can 'borrow' them

I really must dig out - My Hitchcock movies and my sewing kit. It's a horrid day outside and it's high time I got my Christmas cossies in order

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