Tuesday, October 13

Gal's about Town - Lydia des Dolles

After a not so brief sojourn I am back and ready to blog, raarrr.

So, With Dublin hot on the heels of London, Paris and Berlin these days in the street style stake's and the popularity of online trend blogs and snapshot fashion stories I have decided to look to a couple of ladies who's sense of style and adventure I admire......to coin a phrase, Here come the girls!!!................................

First up is the lovely Lydia des Dolles, glamourous grunge goddess and lead singer of local band to watch Sweet Jane.

Name - Lydia Des Dolles
Occupation - Lead Singer of Sweet Jane

Describe your personal style in 4 words - comfortable / dark / moody / simple
Biggest fashion influence - Stevie Nicks
Most coveted fashion item right now - Black & White Rabbit Fur Coat
If your wardrobe/ personal style were an album, what album would it be? -
Oasis ''Whats the story morning Glory''
Most trusty item in your wardrobe - Black ski pants
Best dressed/favourite look - grunge meets goth via the 90's
Worst dressed/ least favourite look - Victoria Beckham, she never looks comfortable
Favourite fashion image - the designer Hannah Marshall & all her collections, total goth queen
I really must get rid of that ……… orange velure jumpsuit
I really must dig out………… my black jean hotpants

Designs by Hannah Marshall

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